Visit the Living Coast Discovery Center and learn all about the wildlife thriving in and around Chula Vista property. This non-profit aquarium and zoo educates about animals living on the land and in the sea. The animals here range from rescued birds of prey to scaly lizards and snakes to sea turtles and bat rays. Spend an hour or two getting to know those flourishing here and learn how to help them prosper in their natural habitats.

For those who just can’t get enough of the wildlife, VIP Animal Encounters add to the thrill of the day. A variety of exciting experiences await participants. Get your hands wet and Feed the Rays and Meet a Shark. Learn all about the care of these amazing creatures and take part in offering them a meal. In Turtle Lagoon participants get to know the endangered Eastern Pacific green sea turtle. Spending time with these critters while on Chula Vista property endears them to your heart. Learn about their care and engage in feeding sessions. Avid bird watchers will be all atwitter as they Meet A Raptor Close Up. Chose from regal birds of prey including the barn owl, screech owl and American kestrel.

Lend a Hand to Mother Nature when Living in Chula Vista

Take the Trail to Bay Challenge when living in Chula Vista. Periodically held throughout the year, guided hikes meander through scenic areas teaching all about the landscape and wildlife. Groups headed to Morrison Pond look for turtles, identify bugs and seek out feathered friends. In the Otay Valley Regional Park novice trackers learn how to identify tracks. The value of wildlife refuges is highlighted when in Sweetwater Marsh. Hikers in Rice Canyon are taught the history and customs of the Kumeyaay Indians as well as the importance of native plant species. Digging in and helping to clean these wonderful places is easy with organized dates kept on the schedule.

Doors open to the The Living Coast Discovery Center at at 10 am and close at 5 pm every day. Membership opportunity are available and allow folks to support the center while appreciating what it has to offer on a regular basis.